As a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility project of Lakshmi Machine Works, we treat patients who require intensive spinal cord rehabilitation services at GSIRC. This includes patients with :

Traumatic Spinal cord injury (excluding patients with complete cervical SCIs who require prolonged ICU care)

Non-traumatic compressive myelopathy with neurological deficit.

This project helps poor patients get back living a life of dignity by helping them get back to a normal life. We follow a strict selection process to ensure deserving patients get benefited.


RASTRA” – Rotary Aid for Spinal Treatment and Rehabilitation, is a combined project of Rotary Club Saicity, Coimbatore and Ganga hospital for SCI patients below poverty line. About 80% of patients are breadwinners and with their low socio- economic background, getting back to normalcy is almost impossible.

This project bears all the costs for rehabilitation and vocational training during the patient’s stay at the Ganga Rehabilitation Centre. He/she will be provided with the necessary calipers, exercise equipments, wheel chairs and other aids after treatment. This costs about 1 lakh per person with Ganga Hospital providing subsidised cost for treatment.

This program was inaugurated on 20th October 2012 and has helped 13 patients until the end of 2017. Vocational training for these patients was provided at the Avinashilingam Jan ShikshanSansthan and Siva industries, Kalapatty. A tailoring instructor who visits the rehabilitation centre regularly to teach patients and/ or their caregivers tailoring. Three patients have been gifted sewing machines under this scheme.

Any spinal cord injured patient below poverty line can avail this project. patients are chosen irrespective of time of injury, place of treatment and hometown. We hope to help more patients under this program in the future.


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