As an extension of Psychological therapy, GSIRC practices Recreational Therapy through sports activities and outings to cinemas, tourist spots and public events. GSIRC is equipped with an excellent basketball court for the inmates to play the game as recreation and part of para-sports. Basketball training is conducted with the support of renowned wheelchair basketball coaches. GSIRC also has carom board, chess, and other indoor games for the patients. Excursions are frequently conducted by GSIRC for the patients, as they are taken to wheelchair accessible places such as shopping malls, cinemas and other locations. Well known personalities are invited to boost their moral. These sports, social and entertainment activities not only excite, enthuse and motivate the patients, but also their caregivers. In a positive and relaxed frame of mind, our patients respond to do all therapies in an efficient manner, make greater functional gains, get discharged, and successfully return to their lives.